Roll-on vs. spray antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are cosmetics that help us maintain our skin dry during the day. These products come in many shapes and sizes and they do a great job at masking our body odour and keeping our clothes from getting sweaty. The two main forms of armpit deodorant are roll-on and spray. Although they have similar formulas, there are few people who use them both. Traditionally, sprays were the no.1 choice for underarm cleansing, but lately the tables have turned. The release of Driclor Roll-On, a topical applicator that treats excessive exudation effectively has shaken the market of antiperspirants.

How effective are roll-on applicators?

Roll-on vs. spray antiperspirantsProducts that are used to combat perspiration are usually designed for underarm use. This body area has the largest presence of sweating glands. If you do not use a protective layer of anti-microbial substances, the cellular waste and bacteria that form here will create a sour, repugnant odour. Roll-ons are very effective in this situation due to their direct, topical applicators.

Driclor Roll-on that you can find on is one of the few cosmetic products that manage to keep the skin pores closed. A single application is enough to cover the armpit area with a seeming layer of protection against moisture. More than that, this antiperspirant is odourless and colourless. Therefore, you do not have to worry about emanating an unnatural smell or staining your clothes.

Are spray products any good?

For a very long time people have used spray cosmetics to cover the smell of their sweat. Almost every successful beauty brand has a version of this product on their offer. The problem with spray antiperspirants is that they have a short-term effect. Most of them are active for at most six hours after the last puff has been sprayed. On the other hand, a highly-potent roll-on like Driclor lasts for at least 24 hours. Actually, in the first months of use all you need is a daily application to maintain your skin dry and cool. In the long-term, however, you will not need only 1 or 2 topical uses per week to keep your excessive sweating under control.

What makes Driclor so efficient?

Ever since its release, Driclor Roll-On has amazed consumers with its rapid effect against intense perspiration. People who have been struggling for years with this condition can finally keep their underarms dry all the time. On top of that, this antiperspirant has been proven to diminish the moisture on palms and feet – two other body areas that are usually affected by severe exudation.

The thing that separates Driclor Roll-On from spray antiperspirants and even other stick deodorants is its high dose of Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate. This substance is responsible for blocking the sweating glands and preventing them from secreting unnecessary steam.

A spray is easy to apply and its strong scent might convince a customer to choose it over a roll-on product. However, if you want to treat your excessive perspiration with maximum efficiency, then Driclor is the right remedy for you. This solution eliminates your sweating problem permanently and with zero side effects.